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Be forgetful when you are pregnant, facts or myths

Pregnant women may have heard the myth that women tend to become forgetful during pregnancy. Actually it is not a myth, you know. During pregnancy, some mothers do become forgetful. This condition is known as pregnancy brain or momnesia. Conditions of forgetfulness during pregnancy are often complained of by pregnant women, including forgetting to keep a cellphone, keys or wallet, to forget to consume pregnancy vitamins. Forgetting a small thing might not be a problem. But if what is forgotten is important or dangerous things, for example forgetting to turn off the stove, this condition can cause big problems. Causes Being forgetful when pregnant Some studies have found that some pregnant women experience a shrinkage of certain areas of the brain, which causes memory capacity to decrease. This area of ​​the brain is related to the ability to process memories. In addition to changes in the brain, the researchers suspect that the condition of forgetting during pregnancy is also i
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Recognize the Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men and Treatment

Although less common, breast cancer can affect men. Well, if it happens to men, what are the signs and symptoms that can appear? And will the handlers be the same as women? To answer this, consider the following explanation. Breast cancer in men can occur at any age. But usually, this disease is more often experienced by men aged 60-70 years. Some factors that increase a man's risk of developing breast cancer are heredity, exposure to radiation in the chest, obesity, Klinefelter's syndrome, severe liver disease, and the use of the hormone estrogen to treat prostate cancer. Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men Some of the early symptoms of breast cancer in men are generally the same as the symptoms of breast cancer in women, namely: The appearance of a lump in the breast, can be under the nipple or in the aerola. Lumps that appear feels springy, do not move, and sometimes do not cause pain. Nipples are pulled inside. Discharge from the nipple. Hardening and swelling of the

Coffee Masks for Ageless Skin

In the world of beauty, coffee masks are believed to have properties to remove dead skin cells and make skin youthful. Some beauty product labels also make coffee extract part of the ingredients contained in it. Come, see the facts and explanations below! Coffee is not only delicious for consumption. Coffee powder can also be processed into coffee masks for skin beauty. A mask is a blend of ingredients that is applied to the surface of the face, left for some time to dry, then rinsed clean. This silence process aims to make the active ingredients in the mask soak into the skin. Good Antioxidant and Caffeine Content of Coffee for the Skin Various natural ingredients can be used as a blend of masks, ranging from fruit, vegetables, to whole grains, including coffee. In addition to its soothing aroma, coffee beans themselves are ingredients that are rich in natural antioxidant content called quinines, which will become more active after baking. The content of powerful antioxidants su